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About Us

Our Aims

  • To help people make money and save money online with integrity.

  • To help our visitors save money everytime they shop online with mainstream and specialist retailers through our extensive range of delivery & discount codes and special offers.

  • To be the definitive directory for locating paid survey, social networking and cash back shopping links and reviews.

  • To find a host of money saving and making or financial hints and tips that everyone can benefit from.

  • To create a friendly and informative community where people can share ideas, exchange helpful money saving or money making tips.

  • To place an emphasis on fun and friendship as well as money.

  • To provide reviews and information on the latest money making/money saving sites to save others time and effort having to trawl the internet.

    Why Was The Friend & Money Site Established?

    Having experienced a period of ill health, I was keen not just to sit at home and dwell on how ill I was feeling but instead channel my energies into something creative and helpful to the wider online community. I found that there were hundreds of paid survey, social networking, paid review, cash back shopping and other money making sites but many of them placed profit above friendship building and fun. I felt that it was entirely possible to have both, and hence our site theme was born "Make Friends, Earn Money."

    I also decided that I wanted to research as many money saving tips as possible to pass on to visitors to this site and the wider friendsandmoney community, and also provide helpful advice and information from a personal perspective on a variety of financial matters. It must be stressed that I am not a financial advisor and the information I provide is no substitute for good independent financial advice, but I have many years experience of working with individuals from all levels of society facing financial hardship.

    In the last 6 months I have taught myself HTML and JavaScript and started this site from scratch. I actively encourage visitors or users of this site to make contributions so if you have a money saving idea, information about paid survey sites, review or social networking sites or cash back shopping sites feel free to Contact Us, we love to hear from you.


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