Top 10 Best UK Paid Survey Sites

We have written detailed reviews of over 60 UK paid survey sites, but sometimes it can be hard to find a paid survey site that is right for you. To help we have created a best UK paid survey top 10 based on our personal experiences of these sites. It is important to stress that there are lots of good UK paid survey sites to choose from and this top 10 list is based on our own personal perspective. We have tried to draw out three key reasons why these 10 UK paid survey sites stand out as a quick reference guide however we strongly encourage you to check out our full UK paid survey reviews to make your own informed decision. For more information read our free online paid survey tutorial and Frequently Asked Questions, to help you get the most from paid survey sites.

 Global Test Market

  • Frequent paid survey invites.
  • Earnings can be withdrawn for cash.
  • Wide range of paid survey opportunities available.


  • Average survey length is 10 minutes, ideal for busy people.
  • Earn nectar points for each completed survey.
  • After registration you are entered into a free prize draw to win upto £1,700!
  • Frequent survey availability.

 It's Your View/New Vista

  • Frequent Opportunities to take part in surveys.
  • Potential earnings of upto £12 per hour.
  • Paid discussion surveys through online forums.


  • Varied range of paid survey topics.
  • Strong social networking element, you can chat and interact with other members.
  • Get paid to review your favourite goods, products and services.
  • Low payment threshold, meaning you get paid after earning just £5!


  • Frequent Paid Surveys.
  • Excellent Rewards Programme.
  • Strong Social Networking and Community Element.
  • Get rewards for contributing to member forum discussion threads.


  • Wide variety of paid survey opportunities.
  • Good reward scheme.
  • Excellent Online Support and Frequently Asked Questions. section

 Populus Live

  • Frequent paid surveys sent direct to your email box.
  • Massive range of surveys from car sharing habits, new products to politics.
  • Excellent reward scheme.

 Product Testing

  • Wide variety of reward incentives that will appeal to all.
  • Frequency of product testing invites is excellent.
  • Strong Community Emphasis.

 Valued Opinions

  • Excellent Paid Survey opportunities.
  • Frequent paid survey opportunites
  • Take part in surveys worth between £2 & £25 in value.
  • Intresting rang of surveys from speed camera attitudes to political opinion polls

 Opinion Outpost

  • Low payment threshold of £2.50
  • Maximum survey length is around 20 minutes.
  • Payments are made in cash not vouchers.