Save Money Fast

Reducing debt is often a key goal for any individual or family but trying to achieve it in practice can often be more difficult. Like most goals, debt reduction requires discipline and time to be effective in the long term however there are some simple and quick debt reduction tips that can be applied to your personal finances which can not only make an immediate difference but also change your attitude to money in the long term. We offer a range of debt reduction tips to help you move towards a debt-free lifestyle.

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101 Ways To Get Out Of Debt

We offer 101 ways to get out of debt to help you avoid the debt trap and pay down debt as quickly as possible. We aim to aid you on your journey to a debt-free lifestyle so that you can spend your hard-earned cash on family and friends rather than it going to greedy financial services providers. Our list is growing every day so feel free to check back frequently to find the latest debt reduction tips and ideas to help you in your daily life. 

Get Out Of Debt Fast – A Step by Step Guide

Effective debt reduction revolves around the good management of personal finances. However easy access to credit and buy now, pay later deals have caused increasing numbers of people to encounter debt-related problems, but what exactly can you do to solve your debt-related problems, benefit from debt reduction and get out of debt fast? Perhaps you are interested in debt reduction techniques because you simply want to relieve the stress and anxiety that financial difficulties so often cause. Help is at hand and there are many ways to get out of debt and our step by step advice explores how you can regain control of your personal finances and identify ways in which you can focus on debt reduction with quick immediate results. 

How To Get Out Of Credit Card Debt

How to get out of credit card debt? It is a question that is frequently asked because credit card debt is a particularly burdensome type of personal debt due to the fact that credit card companies charge such high-interest rates, often between 15 and 25% which makes it difficult to catch up if you miss a repayment. We have put together a step by step guide to help you assess your personal finances and help you address just how to get out of credit card debt. 

How To Deal With Gas and Electricity Arrears

The soaring costs associated with electricity and gas have led to an increasing number of individuals and families falling into arrears with their gas or electricity supplier. Many energy companies have specific conditions that they must follow when dealing with customers who are struggling to make payments, and it is advisable to contact your energy supplier as soon as possible to discuss your financial difficulties. Our free step by step guide shows you how to deal with gas and electricity arrears, explains your rights when facing disconnection and provides links to free gas and electricity grants. We want to help you to engage in effective debt reduction by highlighting easy to implement methods for dealing with your gas and electricity arrears no matter what your level of income. 

How To Deal With Council Tax Arrears

Council Tax is one of the largest slices of income after mortgage or rent payments, that UK households have to pay out each and every month and it is precisely because of this that individuals and families can encounter difficulties with council tax arrears. We have bought together some detailed information, hints and tips to help you deal with council tax arrears regardless of your income or background.

How To Deal With A Loss Of Income

A loss of income can occur for a variety of reasons whether due to unemployment, redundancy, poor health a relationship breakdown or divorce, but it can be a distressing and difficult experience at a time when as an individual or family unit you may already be considerably stressed. However, there are a number of things you can do to address this difficult situation and help stabilise your personal finances and get back on track.

How To Deal With Mortgage Arrears

The fear of losing your home is probably why mortgage arrears are perceived as being one of the most difficult types of debt to address but mortgage arrears like all other forms of debt can be managed much more effectively if confronted at the earliest opportunity. We have created a homeowners guide to mortgage arrears packed with useful hints and tips to help you take back control of your finances, and reduce the threat of eviction as well as taking a long term debt reduction approach to your personal finances.

10 Smart Debt Management Tips – Reduce Debt Fast

Reduce debt fast with our 10 smart debt management tips. We offer fast effective ideas for dealing with debt problems along with free links and resources to free professional debt help services. Start reducing your debt today! We examine Balance Transfers, Debt Counselling, Mortgage Holiday period, Spending Habits, Priority & Non Priority Debts, Store Card & Credit card usage and debt consolidation loans.

How To Save Money With Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation is a much misunderstood financial method and the mere mention of debt consolidation companies can be a major turn off, but it shouldn’t be because consolidating your debt into one easy to manage amount can save you hundreds of pounds on debt repayments each month, especially if your opt to use non-profit debt consolidation companies that provide you with a free debt consolidation service. 

How to Talk About Debt Problems With Family Members

One of the biggest challenges faced by parents is how to discuss delicate financial matters with the rest of the family without creating undue stress and worry. It should always be a personal decision to decide whether or not to inform children of debt problems and the possible effects but not telling them can create just as much anxiety if there is a sudden change in circumstances due to repossession or the need to downsize your property. So if you are considering how you should bring up the subject of debt problems with family members then here are a few thoughts.

How To Have A Debt Free Christmas – 5 Tips For Success

Traditionally the build up to Christmas is one of the most lucrative times for businesses and is responsible for most of the annual personal debt burden, but is it possible to have an excellent Christmas without getting into debt? What is it that prompts normally rational individuals to spend literally thousands of pounds on presents, food and alcohol for one day in the year and is it necessary or can you enjoy the festive season within your existing budget? 

Critical Warning Signs Of Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is essentially an inability to meets your financial commitments as they become due. Public stereotypes of bankruptcy are often negative and associated with failure, poor financial management and can often lead to the individual being stigmatised by family and friends. It must be stressed however that many people face bankruptcy for a host of other reasons or unfortunate events which are not always entirely their own fault. Drawing upon my experience or dealing with individuals with serious financial difficulties, this article aims attempts to examine the warning signs associated with bankruptcy in the hope that it can be avoided.