How to save money on teeth whitening today

Let’s face it, achieving the ‘Hollywood smile’ can be awfully tricky and expensive.

Over the years it can be easy to forget that drinking cups of tea or coffee can stain your teeth. And we all know that not even rigorous brushing can not hide or correct discoloured teeth!

 Professional whitening is the best way to remove stains and lighten teeth up to 18 shades. Here are a few tried and tested products I recommend this year:

Best for whitening toothpaste


Product: Regenerate enamel science advanced toothpaste

An easy way to whiten your teeth in your daily routine is through a whitening toothpaste for as little as £10.

“I loved using this product as it works exactly like normal toothpaste, is easy to use for people with sensitive teeth and I saw a slight change in colour when using over 3 weeks.”

Best Overall Whitening


Product: Boutique Whitening

“Finally! I found a teeth-whitening conducted by professionals at such an affordable price of £399. Money well spent! Boutique whitening is seen as one of the most effective and longest-lasting whitening agents in today’s dentistry. I’ve never seen my teeth this white before using this product!”

Alternatively for other teeth whitening methods, my local dentist offers very powerful whitening agents that you won’t find on a drug store shelf.

Best Dissolvable Strips


Product: Boots expert dissolvable teeth whitening strips

“Like any single-use product, I find whitening strips both useful and wasteful. I used these strips over a couple of weeks and found some noticeable changes. The taste wasn’t very pleasant, but not unbearable. They cost around £20 a pack.”

Best LED teeth-whitening kit


Product: SmileTime teeth whitening kit

“SmileTime whitening product is a more invasive way to get a whiter smile. I applied gel over my teeth and placed the LED mouthguard over them. While there was no immediate change, over multiple sessions, I could start to notice a difference. The kit costs £31.99”