Get paid to review products, services, holiday destinations, websites or just chat and make friends with other people from across the world. We have reviewed the latest sites that enable you to get paid to review products, without leaving the comfort of your own home. You can post your reviews on multiple sites and earn money from each review. We have also reviewed a range of social networking sites that actually pay you to chat with other members, so you can earn money whilst making new friendships. The sites listed are available to UK, US and all countries across the globe. Read our guide to writing product reviews and learn how to maximise your income, you can view it here.

Also if you enjoy writing check out our detailed list of sites where you can get paid to write articles by clicking here.


CIAO are one of the largest European paid to review and paid survey sites on the net. They are a major force in consumer research and have an extensive community of members who get paid to review products on the site. There are literally thousands of products that are just waiting to be reviewed and after registering with the site, which takes five minutes you can start earning money.

Simply select a product that you have direct experience of and write a short review of it. Every time that someone reads your review and rates it you get between 1 and 3 pence. This doesn’t sound very much until you realise that there are hundreds of thousands of active members. Some reviews that you write might earn you a few pence but others a few pounds and we have direct experience of the site. Combining the paid to review aspect with the regular paid survey invites you to receive enables to you accumulate earnings quite quickly. What we particularly like about the site is that it has a low payment threshold of just 5! All payments are made direct into your bank account through BACS.

Not only do you get paid to review products but you can also chat with other CIAO members through the site and build points for referring friends, rating reviews, and making other contributions which enable you to access more lucrative earning opportunities. You can also start or participate in discussions, write book reviews and generally get to know other members from all over Europe. The social networking element is highly addictive and hugely rewarding.


DooYoo is a consumer review site where members get paid to review products hosted on the site. Members earn 500 points called, DooYoomiles, for each review they write about a specific product. They earn an additional 15 points every time another DooYoo member reads their review. You can get paid to review products in hundreds of categories, but ensure that you have direct experience of a given product before you start. Whilst your product review does not need to belong it does need to be catchy and well written to attract readers, which in turn will boost your earnings. 30 points are worth 3p and 1000 points are worth £1. There are two distinct ways in which you can redeem your points. Firstly, accumulate 50,000 (50) and you can have your points paid as cash, via cheque. The second option is to collect 10,000 (10) and redeem your points via Amazon gift certificates.

DooYoo offers three prizes for the best product reviews of the month. 1st place earns 5000 points, 2nd place 3000 and 3rd place 1000. In addition, DooYoo also awards one single prize of 3500 points (3.50) to the best review of the month, which can be in any category. You get yourself featured on their main competition page, which also leads to more people reading your other reviews and generates more earnings for your account.

Finally each month there are 20 prizes of 2500 points for being the first to write a review on a given product. Given the wealth of paid to review opportunities on the site, it is possible to accumulate earnings quite quickly and the great social networking element adds a distinctive enjoyment element to your efforts.

DooYoo is open to all UK residents aged 18 and over and registration is free, so why not get paid to review products today!


Mylot is a highly valued paid discussion community and social networking site, where you can make friends and earn money online. Earning money through the site is simple as you get paid for the level of contributions you make. Mylot earn money from advertisers for hosting relevant adverts on the discussion threads that you create and in return provide you with a share of that income, so you really can get paid to review. You can also earn more money by contributing to other discussions with community members across the globe, uploading pictures and even link your own blog to the site and increase visitor traffic.

You’ll earn a few cents every time you contribute to the site, but these soon add up. All amounts are paid in US Dollars but don’t be put off as over 126,000 members use the site across the world and you can have your money paid quickly and easily via Pay Pal, which converts it into GBP for free! The payment threshold is very low at just $10 (5), which means you can access your money quickly.

You also get 25% of the earnings of any friends or family members you refer, which really can help your earnings to stack up quickly. Mylot is an excellent, rewarding and enjoyable social networking site with the added advantage that you get paid for your contributions!

Review Stream

Review Stream is an international site where members can submit reviews on almost any subject so you could get paid to review products, holiday destinations, hotels, books, gifts and television. You earn money for each review you write if it is subsequently accepted on the site. The great thing about Review Stream is that you do not have to write lengthy reviews providing that you are specific about what you are reviewing. Many good reviews are just 300 words in length that have been published on the site. (That’s about the length of this review of the site and will take no more than 30 minutes to create, 20 minutes if you are an experienced writer.)

Review Stream publishes a list of subjects that you can get paid to review many of which relate to travel experiences, hotels, medicine, and consumer products and services. These will automatically result in your review being published, should you write to a good standard on these topics. The main point to remember is that your review must be original and cannot have been published elsewhere on the internet.

All writers are rewarded with $2.00 (approx 1) per review they write if it is on the hot topics requested by Review Stream. All other reviews are paid at approximately $0.25. These amounts don’t sound like very much but all writers are also rewarded every time someone votes for their review with $0.10. This remains in force indefinitely and can really help rack up your earnings in the long term.

Writers are welcomes from all nations including the UK and payments are made via Pay Pal once you have accumulated $50. Pay Pal will convert dollars into GBP at the touch of a button. Review Stream is a well-established site having been in existence since 2005 and have published many thousands of member reviews, so why not sit down and have a go at writing ten 300 word reviews and start earning money online with Review Stream.

GFK Mystery Shopping

GFK recruit UK mystery shoppers who are willing to engage in a variety of tasks including visiting designated stores, sending emails and making telephone calls to provide an overall view of the customer service level of client business. GFK mystery shoppers are required to report their findings to specific questions via an online site for which you receive a username and password. Assignments are varied and usually last from between a few minutes up to 1 and a half hours in length, plus additional time for completing feedback online. However, the length of a given assignment is always clearly stated on your mystery shopping invite before you decide to accept it.

Your views and opinions are used to influence business practices and make life a little easier for customers in the future. Typically GFK will reward you with between 6 and 10 per assignment you complete. The great thing about Mystery shopping is that you can combine it with other visits to a specified location so that you are not making a special trip.

GFK select suitable members for assignments based on the profile questionnaire which you complete at the registration stage, so ensure that this is filled out in full to ensure you get the best possible Mystery Shopping opportunities sent to you.

Shared Reviews

Shared Reviews is a fantastic consumer review and social networking site, which enables you to earn money for voting on reviews as well as submitting your own! Most product review sites, pay the writer of a review each time someone rates their article, but Shared Reviews take this to a whole new level. Each time you vote on another member review you also earn a right to a share of their product review revenue along with others who have also voted. This is a brilliant way of encoring members to not only write creative new product reviews of products they have direct experience of but also helping ensure that members participate by reading and rating others product reviews. The result is brilliant because as a review writer you benefit from more advertising revenue. After all, more people are commenting on your review. Shared Reviews split 50% of the revenue they earn with their members, which is significantly better than other product review sites.

So for example if you write a review of a product and it earns 20 in advertising revenue for that month, 10 of this will automatically be available to you. This amount is then divided up between all the voters, however many or few there are. It is perfectly possible to be the only person to vote on a particular product review and end up keeping all the advertising revenue. It sounds unfair that the voters rather than the writers earn the revenue but in fact, we have figured out that it actually works out better. Before you sign up, visit the site and you will see the amount each product review has earned for any given month as it is published next to it. This is superb because you can find out the specific types of reviews that do well and vote for those, thus increasing your potential monthly earnings. Many reviews have earned hundreds of pounds in revenue. You are paid in dollars to a Pay Pal account but don’t be put off as you can convert this free to GBP.

This site is attractive, innovative and very easy to use and earn money on. We also love the strong social networking element which is enhanced by the ability to upload pictures and images.

Rate It All

This is the ideal site for those who love to share their opinions, views and thoughts with the global community and get paid in the process. The idea is simple, members create short bullet point lists based on a given topic and other members share their opinions on your list and what they think of it. In return, you earn 50% of the revenue from relevant advertising that is displayed against your list. For example, you might want to encourage others to express their views on the topic of Comedy Movies. You simply create a list of your favourite comedy movies, perhaps your top ten, and then post your list. Other members will then rate the movies in order of their favourite and express their opinions about the movies you have chosen or even add their own! Over time you get some great feedback on what people think of your taste in comedy movies and each time they view your list you potentially earn from the advertising revenue displayed against it.

What we especially like about Rate It All is that the concept is simple and it takes very little time to create lists and start generating revenue. You can choose any topic that appeals to you and start creating lists and get others to share their opinions about what you have to say. We think this is one of the most original revenues sharing sites of its kind online. It really is very fun and addictive and you can start generating a steady second income from home very quickly. This site is suitable for adults or teenagers.

You Say Too

You Say Too is a fantastic social networking community that enables you to earn money for all the contributions you make to the site. You can blog, chat and network with friends, play games and you actually get paid to do it!

You Say To offer you 50% of all the revenue that they earn from the contributions you make. You can create your own journal, which is essentially a blog, and create new posts on any subject or post articles and information you have previously written elsewhere on the net. You Say Too will automatically display advertising from Google Adsense on your content and enable you to generate earnings from your material. All you need to do is ensure you enter your Google Adsense publisher ID when you sign up. This also means that you can pool your earnings from other revenue sharing sites and reach the minimum payment level in Google Adsense even quicker.

The online games sections are great because you can upload your favourite games to the site for others to play online or just chat and make new friends. Finally, you can create new discussion threads called Buzzers and encourage other members to contribute to any conceivable topic. These are also included in the revenue sharing programme.

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